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Residential clients are highly involved with their projects.  You are designing a project that will become an extension of their everyday life experience, whether a kitchen addition, driveway design with walkway, or design of a patio/deck and flower garden, it is affecting how they live and experience their home.  


Residential design can often offer the greatest design creativity when working effectively with a collaborating client.  The process becomes very personal as you become acquainted with the client's, their way of live, and their goals for project and working together to design a project they will love and enjoy every day.  



Commercial and institutional projects often require a great deal of "pre-design" work, such as zoning review, planning studies, environmental impact considerations and also include the involvement of other team professionals.


Working with a good team of professionals helps guide the pre-approval process, which sets the groundwork for the project and ultimately the scope of work for construction.


Effective communication is a key component of successful commercial and institutional projects.



MZAS has extensive experience in recreational and urban design projects.  Working with municipalities requires very careful consideration of budget, phasing and compliance issues such as ADA, and important understanding of future maintenance issues.


The firm has designed over 30 various parks, both in a suburban and urban settings, each requiring careful consideration of design requirements, from wetland planting design to pathways and playground design.  


The ability to provide effective public presentation translates into consensus building and project support.

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